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• Residential Retreat •

Biodynamic Breathwork and
Trauma Release System®

BBTRS® or Biodynamic Breathwork is a body work that includes breathwork sessions, meditation, music, bioenergetic exercises and specific and innovative body work using a ball.

Breathwork sessions are the pillar of this therapy, allowing a huge release of tensions and repressed emotions and the development of body awareness. Breathing with a ball of its own frees us from various accumulated tensions, which we are often unaware of, but which block and close our body. When we massage ourselves with the ball and breathe deeply, the memories that the body holds can arise and in this way be discharged and dissipate its tension.

In general, biodynamic breathwork helps us to release deep tensions, to be more creative and to become more satisfied with life, to develop a greater capacity to be present and centered in ourselves and to resist less to the difficulties of our life.

Retreat Description

It is an experiential retreat in which breathwork is the fundamental pillar. Dance, bioenergetic exercises, meditation and bodywork are other components of this retreat. There are always integration dynamics, through sharing, meditations and group dynamics.

To whom

To anyone interested in this method of development, healing and self-knowledge. No prior experience is required.