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• Residential Retreat •

Holotropic Breathing®

In these retreats, we experience the universe of holotropic breathing. A method created by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, co-founder of Transpersonal Psychology, based on the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is highly experiential and effective, allowing the activation of inner wisdom and self-regulation mechanism. It combines breathing sessions, relaxation, music, bodywork, art therapy and group dynamics.

This method allows accessing deep and different experiences such as the reliving of aspects of our biography, eventually unresolved, perinatal memories related to the birth process and transpersonal or transcendental experiences, which are beyond the limits of the body and personality.

These experiences have immense transformative potential, and can generate major and lasting emotional and psychological changes in people’s lives.

In general, these experiences help us to unlock very deep tensions and to experience different states that will allow us to discover our inner potential and help to transform us, in this way, into a fuller, clearer, more complete person.

Retreat Description

Holotropic breathing sessions are held, with participants having experiences as a breather and as a sitter. Throughout the retreat, various dynamics are created that prepare people for the breathwork sessions, as well as different integration activities through the creation of mandalas, sound healing and other forms of art therapy.

In these residential retreats, these experiences are done in pairs, alternating the roles of sitter and breather, which are duly explained before the retreat. A lecture is also given before the experiences begin so that participants are aware of the depth they can access in these experiences.

At the end of the sessions, art therapy is a form of integration, through the creation of mandalas where each participant must represent their experience. Another recurring form is soul collage, which is the use of images from magazines that are cut and pasted into these same mandalas, thus also representing the experience of each participant. Sharing experiences is also part of the integration of this process.

To whom

To anyone interested in this method of development, healing and self-knowledge. No prior experience is required. There are some contraindications that should be evaluated before performing the retreat. It is contraindicated for people with vascular and cardiovascular diseases, severe hypertension, glaucoma, diabetes, acute infectious diseases, recent surgeries, complicated mental illnesses, epilepsy and pregnancy. However, each person must be evaluated individually.