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• Residential Retreat •

Therapies with Horses

Retreat Description

In these retreats we work with our partners, horse therapists and through the relationship established with them, we dive within ourselves, discovering and working on various aspects of our personal development such as our sensitivity, self-confidence, body and emotional awareness and the origin of our thoughts.

Within a shamanic context and taking into account all the symbology and ancestral myths associated with the horse, we will develop these retreats in order to deepen our self-knowledge.

These retreats aim to:

  • Introduction of some basic concepts about shamanism
  • Framing horses and shamanism
  • Discovery of the Power Animals
  • Connection with horses in a shamanic context
  • Connection with Nature and with ourselves
  • Discover who we are through horses
  • Discover how Horse Medicine can help us in life

To whom

It is not necessary to have any previous experience with horses. The purpose of these retreats is not to learn to ride a horse and all the work we do with these is done on the ground.