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Trance Dance®

Trance Dance is a process that takes us on an inner journey through body movement, dynamic percussive rhythms, specific breathwork and the innovative use of a blindfold that stimulates a trance state, or a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It also promotes a person’s general well-being, greater physical and emotional stamina, and greater mental clarity.

For thousands of years dance has been an integral part of how we can maintain and grow our relationship with the Earth. Furthermore, dance was a gateway to the soul or spirit. Dancing, in a trance state, allowed the person to fully connect to the healing power of the spirit, to what Stanislav Grof calls the internal healer, to the principle of internal self-regulation. It is from these shamanic perspectives that we approach the experience of Trance Dance.

In this process, we are guided by a Trainer properly trained by the Trance Dance Community who will cover and explain all aspects of this ritual.