Our Mission.

The goal of Projeto SimplesMente is to disseminate themes related to the personal and transpersonal development of the human being.

The mission of SimplesMente is to offer a set of services, workshops and therapies for human beings to better deal with their personal or existential difficulties and awaken their inner potential. We develop activities where we integrate the personal, social and spiritual dimensions, as well as contact with nature around you.

Our Story.

Rui Sebők Bizarro has been the founder of SimplesMente since 2006.

After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon jungle of Brazil, Peru, USA and India, has been touched by different teachers, masters and facilitators whom so much taught and facilitated his process of self-knowledge and transformation. His intention is to share what has been experienced all over these years and to contribute for the self-realization of the human being. It has been transforming and inspiring lives for the past two decades, since the turn of the century.

Currently, we are a team with several psychologists and facilitators who contribute to this personal and transpersonal transformation of the people who come to us. They call us visionaries, but above all, what we value most is authenticity, truth and that the path of each human being can be discovered throughout their lives.

He is the author of several books:

  • Respiração Holotrópica: Uma Abordagem Transpessoal. Edições Mahatma (2018)
  • Errante Intempestivo. Publicações Seda (2018) Poesia
  • Pétalas que ardem em espiral. Publicações Seda (2019) Poesia
  • Índia Cultura, Costumes e Lugares: Dicas de um Viajante Português. Editora 5 Livros (2020) Viagens


SimplesMente intends that the truth of the human being can manifest itself, through its inner growth and all the experiences we provide.

As the human being tends towards the outside world, it is important for us that to look inside again, that we observe ourselves, that we listen and feel, in order to discover tools with ourselves, that can take out again, being able to discover our own path, our life purpose so that we can be fully realized.

Our passion is the exploration of the different states of consciousness of the human being that are a gateway to embracing our unlimited potential.

We organize one-day workshops, residential and experiential retreats that can range from a weekend to eight residential days. We organize ancestral rituals, experiential, transforming and inspiring ceremonies. We use deep and innovative methods that allow each human being to reconnect with our true essence. We do sessions, individual follow-up, psychological support for personal and transpersonal guidance.

In this inner search that we provide to others, we also fit ourselves and as human beings we also seek in our lives this inner search that has inspired us so much.

Our Team.


Rui Sebők Bizarro

Rui Sebők Bizarro has been the founder of SimplesMente since 2006. After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon jungle of Brazil, Peru, USA and India, has been touched by different teachers, masters and facilitators whom so much taught and facilitated his process of self-knowledge and transformation. His intention is to share what has been experienced all over these years and to contribute for the self-realization of the human being. It has been transforming and inspiring lives for the past two decades, since the turn of the century.

Krisztina Sebők Bizarro

Has been accumulating professional experience working in multinational companies responsible for Human Resources and Organizational Development. Over time her deep interest has gradually turned to Transpersonal Development.
Touched by the Sacred Medicines of the Amazon a few years ago, her intention became to follow the shamanic way of life to fulfill her greatest potential as a human being, to share and facilitate the opening of the door of consciousness for those who seek their self-realization.


Nuno Pires

He is a Psychologist with a doctorate in Applied Psychology. He is a group psychotherapist, psychodrama and psychodance, and has been directing psychodrama groups with young people for several years. Also trained in horse assisted psychological therapy, she has conducted experiential retreats in this area. Alongside her clinical practice, in individual and group contexts, she teaches in higher education in the social area. She has dedicated herself to investigation and intervention in bereavement processes.

Ana Cruz

The fascination for change processes and personal development began in the first person, after graduating in Psychology, and through her own psychotherapeutic process for training in Psychodrama. Since 2010 she accompanies and collaborates in the Simplesmente Project, also seeing her interest and training in the Transpersonal Psychology areas grow. After several years of professional experience in several areas like Alcoholism and addictive behaviors, Teaching, Mental Health and Community Psychology, now she dedicates almost exclusively to private clinical practice, individual and group (Psychodrama and Psychodance), training and experiential retreats.



Ariana Pinto

From an early age, she was intrigued by the mysteries of life and searched for self-knowledge and personal, emotional and spiritual development, genuinely believing that we are beings far beyond the daily and routine lives we live.
Physical therapist by training and profession also sees individual and collective physical healing in holistic, emotional and energetic therapies.
On this path of search for herself, she experienced several experiences and practices that enhance and facilitate her process of self-knowledge and personal transformation.
She believes that sharing her path, experiences, dilemmas, cures and truth can help and inspire others to find themselves and transform their lives.
In service in Love.


Pedro Gomes

From a very early age, he asked himself about themes that seemed to only plague himself and he never managed to fit into the classic formats that society and the current religious/spiritual culture had to answer his existential questions.
Mostly self-taught, he devoted himself to studying subjects as diverse as possible, escaping to experimentation whenever possible. He learned from one and the other, always in an unorthodox way, diverting to what worked best or managed to explain his existential dilemmas.
Professionally and academically, he comes from the Financial and Tax Area for over 25 years, always with doubts and an eye on the area of personal development.
A lot of desire to learn and share the learning of how to Live in Matter without Being in Matter.


Bruno Cruz

In the continuous search for self-knowledge, he found in Yoga the meaning of life and his way of serving.
His first training took place in India and since then he has returned to Portugal with the aim of continuing to transform not only the teaching of Yoga but also the lives of the people who come to his classes, retreats and training.
When asked what he most wants to be, he replies that his greatest desire is to become a better human being.
Along the way, he found Projeto SimplesMente, where he joined a family that shares the same vision: Share with others the tools with which they have transformed their own lives.

Sérgio Campos

The Community experience is what makes he feels more aligned with his life purpose. He finds his sense of life and service in the small and large Community.
Involved in several cultural associations and projects in the North and Center of the country, it grows alongside each project, with each family, keeping its own path of discovery alive.
His path of personal discovery is closely linked to Shamanism, Chanting Circles, Ancestral Practices of connection with Nature and recently to Improvisation Movement Practices.
He facilitates and assists various cultural and musical events and retreats for personal and spiritual development.
And it is by living this path that he feels life as part of a collective, assuming his presence as part of a joint movement, created at every moment, to the rhythm of Nature and the Community.


  • What I found in Projeto SimplesMente was myself. Parts of me that were hidden, that I sensed, but that were not present to me.
    I found in the Projeto a lot of love for each one’s path, without invasion, without judgments and an immense tenderness. I found love, I found a “platform” that allows me to access spaces of myself that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.
    For that I am very grateful and will continue to visit whenever it makes sense.
    Well done.

    Carlos Martins
  • Hello my name is Paulina Ferreira, I’m a therapist and Yoga teacher! I’ve been on the path of self-knowledge for a few years now and in this dive into myself I looked for several experiences that would help me in this process, having found the Projeto SimplesMente. To begin with, I identified a lot with the name… then came the experiences! I can say that until today they were the most striking and revealing, having driven me a lot and a lot, in my self-discovery! The place is fabulous, the food is very good, but what I have to highlight is definitely the team! I have several adjectives that can describe it, but in a short and direct way, the words security, trust, reception, understanding, respect, affection and love are the ones that best define this team, which is at a thousand percent with us, accompanying hand in hand, surgically supporting the individual process of each one! It is to be praised and thanked! I had never seen a team with this level of professionalism and working so well!
    I bow to you all, hugging you…

    Paulina Ferreira
  • The search for my essence started about ten years ago, when I found out about Projeto SimplesMente. I started by doing Holotropic Breathwork, which I strongly advise, but at the time I didn’t give myself body and soul to this tool, because I was very afraid of what I could experience and I felt a blockage on my part to surrender to the process. Rui, the Facilitator, at that time helped me a lot to look at things as they were, what was in front of me, he was very patient with me, and it was from there that my journey towards self-knowledge began. Despite being very afraid of the unknown, I felt at the same time an enormous desire to go deeper. I started to walk the path of shamanism with Projeto SimplesMente, I met wonderful people who are still my soul and heart friends, and who also helped me a lot on this journey. I went to Trance Dance Rituals several times, which are wonderful, and it made me start to unlock my body for dance and where I also had experiences with altered states of consciousness, something I never imagined was possible. From here I started wanting to see other things, I started my search and went to meet other people who were connected in this quest for self-knowledge and I left the Projeto SimplesMente house for a while, but a good son always returns to the house where he was welcomed. And since 2019 I have returned to this wonderful space where I was again received with lots of love and affection. This time I went with an open heart to break a stone, I felt prepared to feel, see and solve what needed to be solved within me and once again the help of this wonderful team was and is being very important in this new phase of my life. life. I grew up and matured here and rescued a good part of my essence that had been dormant for a long time. Gratitude Simple Mind Project

    Gabriela Loibl
  • When I was asked to witness some of my experiences with Projeto SimplesMente, three words quickly emerged that I consider to guide all the work developed by this incredible team: humbleness, professionalism and affection.

    After several experiments with Holotropic Breathwork, this team demonstrated a very unusual conciliation (compared to experiences in similar contexts) of integration of the three elements mentioned above and that make these experiences truly unforgettable and impactful.

    Good luck!

    Mafalda Guedes
  • The Projeto SimplesMente is a driver of the new consciousness. Through the retreats, workshops and activities it carries out, it contributes to a better, healthier, more conscious and more beautiful world. I fully believe that it is projects like this that give the world back its humanity and ensure that our future can be bright rather than dark.

    The team that develops this project is made up of wonderful Human Beings, who fulfill the demanding mission of growing consciously and contributing to the growth of those around them every day. They are authentic caregivers and, above all, they are Beings that touch our soul.

    With each retreat I went to, I found a little more of myself, and whenever I return to Quinta São José dos Montes I feel like I’m back home.

    A heartfelt thank you to the SimplesMente project.

    Simão João
  • Talking about the Projeto SimplesMente is very easy, a magical farm where I feel very welcomed by Rui and the whole team, I love every silent retreat and activities that I do there, I highly recommend it, very grateful to all those involved who allow me to feel in home every time I go there.

    São Chico

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