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Shamanic Drum Building Workshop

(English Translation Available for this Workshop)
Here you will have the opportunity to learn how to build your own shamanic drum.
We honor these animal skins and with their experience on this planet we use them with all respect for this sacred tool that is the shamanic drum.
The Shamanic Drum is an object power, considered by some cultures, the shaman’s horse, for allowing an “Ascend to Heaven” and also to the “Center of the World”. The drum makes the communication between Heaven and Earth. The drum is also used to connect with our power animal.
The beat of the drum, through a used intention, can help in the healing and cleansing processes of the human being. Currently, science is interested in the benefits of beats and discovers that they allow you to change the hertz frequency from Beta to Alpha and Theta, allowing you to make internal travel and access the Ordinary States of Consciousness.
You will learn through your own skin preparation, the most suitable skin types and their functions. You will learn how to use them with ropes to weave the drumhead and how to shape it properly, as well as the drying process of the drum. You will also make the drum stick, through the selected materials.
All participants receive personalized support from the Facilitators to build the drum.
We use wooden aros with 40cm or 50cm in diameter and natural animal skin (Goat).
Workshop Price (includes all materials):
40cm Diameter – 160€
50cm Diameter – 190€
Choose the Diameter you prefer
Price Breakfast €6,5 / Lunch: €10
We guarantee your place after a deposit of €50.
September 17th 2023
Hours: 10am – 4:30pm
Location: Quinta São José dos Montes
Facilitator: Krisztina & Rui Sebők Bizarro


17 Sep 2023


10:00 - 16:30


Quinta São José dos Montes
Estrada dos Montes, Nº134 2300-087 Olalhas – Tomar


Rui Sebők Bizarro
(+351) 939 940 591

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