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Silence and Meditation Retreat (FREE) Nov 29th – Dec 8th 2024

As the previous years, we will organize the 9th edition of this Retreat.
We will experience different techniques and methods that will help us to become aware
of the present moment through silence. Silent meditations, yoga, conscious breathing,
mantra vocalization, moving guided meditations, nature walking, dancing will be
We will be in silence all these days, we will only give instructions in the beginning of

the activities, but keeping the silence the rest of the time. If you feel ready to accept this
challenge of being in silence please join us.
You will understand how silence affects us with peace and tranquility. You will have a
lot of tools to meditate alone or in other groups.
The individual practice of Meditation is essential, but when we meditate in groups we
can create an greater synergy that further enhances its purpose.
It activates parts of the brain, helping to rejuvenate brain and biological health.
Improves self esteem, mood, gives us more clarity, concentration and focus.
The practice of meditation is very old, going back to the eastern traditions. There are
different philosophies, ways, methods and techniques. Some examples are
transcendental meditation, active meditations, vipassana, mindfulness, prayer, Zen
meditation, Taoist, Buddhist, etc. The paths of meditation are innumerable, but the
purpose is only one: to be present, to empty the mind, to enter a state of non-agitation
and alertness in the moment and in silence.

Free Retreat
This retreat is free, and also the accommodation in Camping (own tent).
We charge only the meals (vegetarian). If you would like to stay in any other
accommodation than Camping, please ask us for the rates.
If you are unable to participate in the full retreat, you can also join less days, but we
only accept that you come at least 5 days. Talk to us!

Price of the Vegetarian Meals*:
Meals per day 25€
* If you prefer Vegan food is 5€ more per day
Once you have learned to meditate, you will understand that you do not need any
special equipment, or any kind of dependence on a person, master group, or guru. We
are the Masters of ourselves!
As we believe that meditating is within everyone’s reach, we hold this free retreat for
the purpose of sharing tools for your daily life and for more and more human beings to
meditate and seek the peace we so need.
We look forward to your registration to meditate together!
Rui Sebők Bizarro

Quinta São José dos Montes

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30 Nov 2024 - 08 Dec 2024


15:00 - 15:00


Quinta São José dos Montes
Estrada dos Montes, Nº134 2300-087 Olalhas – Tomar


Rui Sebők Bizarro
(+351) 939 940 591
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