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Shamanic Drums

Through the use of some tools and objects we build and teach how to build shamanic drums. Starting with the natural skin of animals, which we honor, after their experience on this planet, instead of having a useless purpose, are recovered and with all respect and integrity used for the realization of this sacred tool that is a shamanic drum.

This is an ancestral power object, considered by some cultures, the shaman’s horse, for allowing him to “Ascend to Heaven” and also to take him to the “Center of the World”. The drum thus makes the communication between Heaven and Earth. The drum is also used to connect with our power animal.

The beat of the drum, through the intention used, can help in the healing and cleansing processes of the human being. Currently, science is interested in the benefits of drum beats and discovers that they allow you to change the hertz frequencies from Beta to Alpha and/or Theta, allowing you to make internal journeys and access the so beneficial non-ordinary states of consciousness.

We teach participants with their own hands to prepare the skin, the most suitable types of skin and their functions, to use the strings to weave the skin of a drum and to shape it properly, as well as teach the process of drying the skin. The drum stop is also made using selected materials.

All participants will have the personalized support of the Facilitators for the realization of the drums.

We use wooden frames with 30cm, 40cm or 50cm in diameter and natural animal skin (goat).


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