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Temazkal is an ancestral indigenous ritual, also known as Sweatlodge, Inipi, or Sweatlodge, depending on tradition. This ceremony has been practiced by numerous cultures around the world, the best known of which are the Aztecs and the Mayans in Central and South America. They are small semi-spherical constructions, made of tree trunks, or alternatively made of stone or raw brick.

The Temazkal symbolizes the Womb of Mother Earth, the origin of everything, the center of creation.

Such a ritual has a symbolic form of being reborn in full consciousness, when we return to this warm and protected womb, with the presence of the four elements: Fire, which heats the stones outside and enter inside; Water, which is placed on hot stones and which we receive in our body in the form of steam; the Air, the vital breath, the breath and the element that drives the vibration of our voice; and the Earth, which welcomes and supports us, in this sacred womb created.

With the use of traditional chants, prayers and intentions, this ritual becomes as magical as it is therapeutic, purifying our body, unclogging the skin pores, dilating blood vessels, eliminating toxins and improving the respiratory and immune system and also creates great relaxation. This ritual is also a purification of our mind and spirit.